Colourful flying birds street art mural

Artwork for the Voiceless

Bogotá gets a bad rep most of the time. It is a capital city known for its violence, in a country known for its civil war and war on drugs, not to mention being the homeland of the wealthiest criminal in history (who, by no coincidence, earned his money through cocaine trafficking). We arrived in … Continue reading Artwork for the Voiceless

Striking Gold Scrapbook

An Astounding Museum Experience Yes, I am aware that it have written the words ‘astounding’ and ‘museum’ next to each other in the title. But hear me out for just a few sentences. During our few days exploring Bogota, Sam and I visited one of the most fascinating and beautiful museums I have ever been … Continue reading Striking Gold Scrapbook

The folow of water of rocks at Rio Claro

Rio Claro Soundscape

We would recommend watching this with headphones. During our time staying in the Rio Claro Reserve, we explored the Guacharos Cave, named after its avian inhabitants. The pitch-black of the cave is home to two flocks of nocturnal Oilbirds.

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