A Traveller, A Writer is a growing collection of travel stories.

The stories of our travels, the stories we collect as we talk to locals, the stories we live and witness as we wander Latin America.

These stories are presented in many forms: simple updates on our journey, photo essays, videos, feature projects, an eclectic mix to experiment with travel writing and present the exciting, vibrant immediacy of the life we live as we travel and the stories we encounter and collect.

Since I began my journey in February 2014, I have become caught up in wandering street parties during carnival in Rio, political protests in Buenos Aires. I’ve had a tarantula on my face, a toucan on my shoulder, I’ve done scientific fieldwork with humpback whales off the Ecuadorian coast, travelled deep into the rainforest of northern Peru in just a dugout canoe. I have travelled with my sister, a best friend, alone, and now my boyfriend has joined me and together this project of ours has grown.

It is a work in progress, so let us know what you think, any thoughts, criticisms and suggestions you may have. Travel isn’t simply a checklist and we want our readers, like us, to interact with the people, culture and experiences, whether it be through this blog, any travel blog, or by deciding to go for it and travel yourself.


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