Striking Gold: An Astounding Museum Experience

Yes, I am aware that it have written the words ‘astounding’ and ‘museum’ next to each other in the title. But hear me out for just a few sentences.

During our few days exploring Bogota, Sam and I visited one of the most fascinating and beautiful museums I have ever been to, and certainly my favourite in South America. The Museo del Oro contained more than 55,000 pieces of gold, spread across three floors and covering all major pre-Hispanic cultures. Generally the pieces were arranged by region, and the information labels (translated into perfect English, yay!) explained their use, their cultural, and often spiritual, significance and the metallurgy processes involved in their creation. These pieces were often made with such breathtaking craftsmanship and astonishing detail that a written blog post seemed an odd way of trying to convey the beauty of these pieces. We have therefore decided to take a kind of scrapbook approach, minimising the words and maximising the visual.

For the slightly less technically apt among our audience, click on the rectangular bottom at the bottom right to make the scrapbook full screen, the magnifying glasses to zoom in and out and the arrows to move back and forth,

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